The 40th Melo Velo ride is upon us and scheduled for the weekend of the 20th of October 2023. Thanks to the VOCNA community, as of 2022, "The Melo Velo ride" is now an Official VOCNA event! Previously hosted with grace and style by Tim Kenny, taking over from Pat Petticord who carried on what Ellie Taylor had started back in the early 80s. Following humbly in their shadows, JP Defaut & Steve Eorio are carrying the legacy forward. Steve has kindly opened the gates to paradise and will be hosting us on Saturday evening, so behave! Lastly, it’s important to note that like a Velocette, traditions are hard to keep on the road. If VOCNA is to survive, events like this need attendance and the community has to grow. You don’t need a Velo to be a VOCNA member, or to attend the events. So we all need to spread the word to ALL our fellow moto communities: veteran, vintage, classic, and modern motorcycles. Everyone is welcome so please share! See you in Paso Robles…

JP Defaut Editor

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