Vocna 1,000 MILE Rally

Our 41st "Velocette rally" is coming up, destination McCall Idaho. Dates are July 21-27th 2024. No Velocette required, just join the club and ride what you got. Now get your bike sorted!

All enquiries: Madame President, Kim Lohstroh Young

Over the years, the VOCNA has clocked an estimated 2 million riding miles (for all participants). It has proven to be an excellent way to see the country, discover breathtaking landscapes, and meet welcoming locals. An unknown fact to non-members is that anyone is welcome, you don't need a Velo! Just join the club and come to the VOCNA rally. The appreciation of Velocettes extends beyond ownership, and many have ridden with us over the years on other motorcycles. We are also always on the lookout for new rally locations.

The basic requirements are: Locations must accommodate 100+ people, Hotels and Camping must be in the same location or close by. We look to ride interesting and scenic roads, and certainly not all straight! No freeways and back roads are encouraged! VOCNA is always looking for road and rally scouts in other states. Don't be shy, let us know where we can ride Velocettes in stunning landscapes across America.


17-24TH JULY 2022
EMAIL: lordjohn@ix.netcom.com

Thanks to our members for contributing and sharing their cherished memories. To see photos of past rallies and events, click on the arrow below. Click the image to see more from that specific event. If you have photographs of past rides, please contact info@velocette.org