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Velocettes are very special machines, and the Club is a special place. Our annual Summer Rally is legendary, with 40 years of 1000-mile rallies under our belts. Our bi-monthly newsletter Fishtail West contains a wealth of knowledge and history, and membership allows you to peruse decades of sage advice on keeping your Velocette on top shape. We also host numerous events and rallies every year, and would love for you to join us! 

Our club magazine, ‘Fishtail West’ (FTW), is published bi-monthly, and is full of interesting information about Velocettes and the people who ride them.  You can choose to receive FTW by email or in print.
Our annual Summer Rally is simply the best old-motorcycle event on the planet, held every July in the Western US and Canada.  We choose scenic and historic locations and the finest riding roads anywhere, with minimal traffic. It’s a relaxing week with old friends, both human and mechanical.

If you choose to 'Join by Mail', please fill out the form and send a check payable to VOCNA, addressed to Sarah Kolterman, 1612 East Avenue, Hayward CA 94541.  
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Welcome to the Club! 

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It all started in 1905

"City of a thousand trades"

If a new form of transport was possible at the turn of the last century, where better to develop the concept of a motorcycle than in a city like Birmingham. Known for its wide variety of metal goods manufacturers, the West -Midlands was home to many two-wheeled propositions in the early 1900s. The first motorcycle was produced by Taylor Gue Ltd (founded by John Taylor and William Gue) in Hall Green Birmingham. They called it a Veloce. Veloce Ltd was set up later that year and produced four-stroke motorcycles. Their first two-stroke motorcycle came in 1913 and was called a Velocette. The name was used for all their subsequent models.

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June 1976"An unusual level of commitment"

"A truly great and memorable weekend occurred June 26 and 27 when nearly 30 enthusiasts gathered in Eugene, Oregon to honor the memory of Velocette. The distinctive thump-thump of Fishtail exhausts was heard, with 14 bikes on display at Armitage park on the Banks of the McKenzie River."

So reads the opening paragraph of the very first Newsletter of the West Coast Chapter of the Velocette Owners Club. On that very weekend, the Velo owners in attendance decided to form a club, Richard "Dick" Renstrom was named President and Steve Kesey was pronounced, Secretary & Treasurer.Since then, every summer in June/July, the Velocette Owners Club of America, with overseas members from the UK and as far as Australia and New Zealand, have gathered for a thousand-mile/5-day ride through some of America's most moto-centric landscapes. The rest of the year is far from quiet with regular outings and events organized by various members in different states, discussions on maintenance, setup advice, restoration, part sourcing, historical finds etc... Non-Velocette owners are encouraged to join the club: it's how you get hooked and a good way to find a bike!

Everything you've heard about running a Velo is true. The notion that "Velocettes were designed at the Christmas party" has some validity in concept, and one can draw a parallel with their owners. It takes a particular mindset. A commitment. There's no shortage of that here. Your friends are waiting for you... It is, after all that happened to me.

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The annual Velocette Owner's Club Rally is not just a fixture every July in our calendar, it is the foundation upon which the club was conceived. In the mid-'70s, Velocette owners Richard Renstrom, Ed Gilkison and a few others used to meet in California with their shared passion and ride Velocettes together. On one occasion over a dinner, it was agreed that a club should be formed and the rest as they say is oil and smoke ever since.

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In addition to the 1,000 mile rally, members meet throughout the year and increase the mile count on their Smiths speedometers. We also join other clubs, British, European, American and Japanese on their rides and are keen to keep the motorcycle community connected. If you have rides you would like to share with us, let us know and we will post it here.

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Originally a 2-page newsletter, "Fishtail West" has become the clubs' quarterly "zine" where all club-related news, Velocette maintenance, repair tips, parts, motorcycles etc... are shared. In this section, we will be uploading our archive, back to the original document that started the club in 1976. To download past issues of Fishtail West, please join the club for full access.

Fishtail West


Velocette parts are getting few and far between. Many members have collected parts over the years that they are willing to share with fellow Velo enthusiasts, to keep your Velocette on the road and off the bench!

Digital Swap Meet


Velocette Owners are a unique bread; it takes quite a commitment to run, restore, or just revive a Velo.

What keeps our machines running is the community. Over time, we've all become friends and support each other as best we can. From sharing knowledge, parts, motorcycles, to planning rides, events, and looking for that special lunch spot.

We will be publishing articles, photos, motorcycle journeys, Velocette repair stories, etc... so please send your submissions to JP Defaut,

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Richard Renstrom, Club Founder
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Join us! You're invited to join our club as a Velocette owner or just as an enthusiast. Velocette ownership is not required to attend any of our events, including the 1,000 mile summer rally. Membership is $35 a year. Benefits are full access to our online archives including all past newsletters, ride sheets, and the digital swap meet; 6 issues per year of our newsletter: the Fishtail West zine, a club pin, and invitations to our many events throughout the year including the 1,000 mile Rally every summer.